I went to my very first “Spin” class today.  Officially, it is called “Indoor Cycling”.  Let me start with OMG! and WTF!  Seriously!  OMG!  I did not think I was so out of shape until I tried this class.


My sister, my friend Nicole and I decided to try out this class today.  It was 45 minutes on the bike and 15 minutes of core work.  My sister and I had been talking about taking some kind of exercise class for a few weeks now, ever since I came back from Hong Kong.  And when I was talking about it last week with Nicole, she said she was interested and decided to join us on this adventure.  And boy was it an adventure.  Due to timing, we couldn’t get into the original class that we wanted.  Apparently these cycle classes are very popular and people call the community centres as soon as they are open to book a bike.  I did not know that.  I didn’t call until after coffee break.  There was only one spot left at the Champlain Heights Community Centre.  So I tried Trout Lake Community Centre.  There were two spots available and we put Nicole on the waiting list.  Luckily a spot became available so all three of us made it, though we were ten minutes late.

The instructor was great and the music he played was perfect for the class.  But the poor guy.  Here comes three ladies to his class, ten minutes late.  One lady, my sister, ends up on a bike with a broken monitor so the staff are trying to fix the bike throughout the first part of the class.  Then as the class progresses, the instructor starts to notice two other ladies start to change colours, just like leaves in fall.

Nicole’s face was a lovely shade of purple and apparently, I was a lovely shade of red.  See photos below for true colour shades:  Purple tulip and Red tulip.  Lovely shades on any persons face!

DSC_0712_3 DSC_0709_3

The look of worry on the guy’s face was really funny.  The other people in the class were really great.  Clearly we were newbies.  So one girl asked aloud what gear we were supposed to be at.  Another lady was giving info to my sister about all the different classes during the week.  Apparently the class we were in was the easy class.  REALLY?!?  I managed to follow along with all his instructions for 22 minutes and then I decided to follow my own route.  I did try to catch up with his instructions, but I am gonna say that for my first class, following along for 22 minutes is a pretty good feat!  By the time we were done with the bike portion, I had no feeling in my butt and a lovely burning sensation in my quads and sadly, my knees.  But were we done?  No.  We had some great core exercises to work on.  And I definitely have to work on my core.  Will I go back?  I kind of have to since we bought a packet of 10 tickets.  But honestly, it was a good workout.  I think we just need to get to class on time and set up our bikes a little bit better next time.  The true indicator will be how I feel tomorrow in the morning.  But I’m pretty sure I’ll be back for this class, or the one at Champlain Heights.  I just have to remember to call and reserve a bike for us.  On a side note, The Trout Lake Community Centre has a great fitness centre, from the looks of it.  After the class, we just wanted to get home and soak in a nice hot bath.  If I lived closer, I would probably use their community centre gym, just for the view of the lake alone.


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