Random Sun Day

My day started early.  I woke up to music that normally is not what I set as my alarm clock.  It would appear that I forgot to take my music setting off “repeat” when I went to bed last night.  So I woke up to Phosphorescent’s Song for Zulu at 6:47 am.  Brilliant start.  Did I get up out of bed?  Heck NO!  I turned it off, rolled over and tried to snuggle back into that warm spot in bed.  And then I woke up later than I should have.  But it’s Sunday.  And that’s what happens on a Sunday.  You sleep in.

The day really started during High Tea today.  My sister and I had a reservation at the Last Crumb.

DSC_0696_3 DSC_0694_3 DSC_0697_3

I had been here before, during the Easter weekend with my friend Kent.  So I knew they had a Gluten Free menu for High Tea.  A big plus for my sister since she has a wheat allergy, which means no gluten in her diet.  We were lucky enough to get a parking spot right in front of the cafe.  Traffic was light, considering it was the Sun Run today.  The weather was beautiful with the sun out.  We even surmised that we were wearing too much and we would get really hot in this weather.


Their selection of tea ranges through all the colours:  Black, Green, White, Red and Herbal.  I had their Signature blend this time with hints of Vanilla and grenadine extract.  It was nice, but I like their Earl Grey better.  My sister had the White tea and she said it was very good.


The food was really yummy.  They have a curry chicken salad sandwich, which was really good and the Turkey sandwich on a cheddar  scone was also to die for.  It’s a shame that none of these sandwiches are available in their regular menu.  All the little bite size sandwiches are only on their tea menu.  I guess I’ll be back for more High tea.

Can you guess which set is gluten free?

Another plus, because we booked High tea during the month of April, The Last Crumb would be donating part of their proceeds as part of their Desserts & Daffodils Campaign for the Canadian Cancer Society.


During High Tea, we were talking about my future trip to New Zealand and all the options during the tour, such as optional Bungy Jumping, and optional helicopter ride to two inaccessible Lord of the Rings locations and then we talked about what I would do after the tour was over and where I would go and what I would do.  Since New Zealand has these great hikes, or tramps, did I want to go tramping?  Honestly, I’m a city girl.  Nature, is not second nature to me.    I’m really not big on camping and roughing it.  But if I’m going to be surrounded by beautiful scenery, it might be nice to just head in a little closer to see what there is to see.  We even talked about whether I should climb Mt. Doom.  A MOUNTAIN!!!  I’ve climbed the Grouse Grind before and that was brutal.  And I even trained for it.  It took me just over two hours to climb it.  Granted it was the greatest feeling ever to actually get up to the top.  Maybe I’ll settle for walking the Tongariro Alpine Crossing.  I’ve read that it can be done in one day.  I’ve also read that it is a difficult crossing as well.  I see a future with my personal trainer again.  I have eight months to prepare.  I can do it.

Anyway, during High tea, I was playing around with a potential new camera.  My brother-in-law was looking to upgrade to a camera/video camera and eerily enough when he was talking about selling his Nikon D60, I perked up.  Because the weirdest thing was, I was actually thinking about getting a nicer camera the night before.  I kid you not!  I was honestly thinking that I would need a nicer camera like my brother-in-law’s camera and that it would be another added expense for this trip.  And then the very next day, he said he was looking to sell his camera and asked if I wanted to buy it.  Crazy coincidence!  Of course if I told this to my friend Irene, she would just say that because I had finally set my mind to wanting something, the world would make it happen.  Okay.  I could buy that.  But of course, when I set my mind on meeting my prince charming, he never seems interested.  So I don’t know about that.

During tea time, the weather went crazy.  A storm moved in about an hour after we had sat down.  I could see the wind blowing the trees behind my sister and my sister could see the petals from those trees blowing behind me.  It was still pouring rain when we left.  And now we were not over dressed for the sun but under dressed for the rain and cold.  We headed over to the mall for a bit of retail therapy: browsing and more grocery shopping and then emerged from the mall and into sunshine again.  Clearly the weather gods could not make up their mind today.  I managed to squeeze in some “Aunty” time with Big Sister Z and Little Brother Z before heading back home and playing with the camera again.

Check out my attempt at artistic shots of the flowers in our garden.  Basically I was playing around with the macro settings.


DSC_0708_3 DSC_0709_3

I really love how you can just sort of point the camera and it will focus on the thing you want, whether it is the item in the foreground or in the background, and it keeps it clear and in focus.  I’m talking about the picture of the pink and white tulip being in focus while the flowers in the background are blurred, and then the picture of the yellow tulip in the background being in focus and the pink and white tulip being blurred in the foreground.  If there’s some photographic terminology for this, then I apologize in advance, because I don’t speak photography babble.  I only know pretty pictures and not so pretty pictures.  There’s no point in asking about lens either.  I haven’t got a clue.  And if you start talking to me about filters, I’m just gonna tell you I use paper filters for my coffee maker at work only, because the filter in my coffee maker at home is built in and re-usable.  And really, photography is not a hobby I want to go crazy on, at least not yet.

DSC_0712_3 DSC_0713_3

So, at this point, the sun decided to come out from behind the clouds again and I took a couple more shots of the flowers in the backyard before heading to the front yard.


I believe this is called a Camellia.  It is Big Sister Z’s favourite, because it is pink.

DSC_0717_3 I like this one because the sun is shining and making the raindrops sparkle on the petals.

DSC_0720_2My attempt at shooting the Camellia through the flowers.  Not so good.

DSC_0721_3Here is my favourite flowering bush, which I wrote about in a previous post.

Does anyone know what kind of flower it is?  I think it’s related to the olive tree.  But I can’t remember anymore.

DSC_0723_3And here are my neighbour’s flowers.

DSC_0726_3And a final shot of these tulips, only because I like the mix of colours.


I have saved the best for last.

My map with the sticky notes.  Round One.  At present, the colours of the sticky notes don’t really mean anything.  That will change with each passing round.  It will be interesting when I get back from work tomorrow to see if Big Sister Z and Little Brother Z were kind enough to add their own stickers to the map or if a couple of sticky notes disappear from the South Island.


Well, what do you think?  I like this camera.  I think I’ll keep it.


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