Time to Map it!

It has begun!  My first step into preparing for my trip to New Zealand – Getting a map!


I stopped by this fantastic map store in Richmond today.  International Travel Maps and Books is a great place for maps and globes.  I’d been there a few years ago looking for road maps of Ireland and as you can see from above I was successful now as I was then.  I actually walked away with three maps today.  I’m lucky I didn’t walk away with a globe.  There were so many in that store.  I really had to hold back from spinning globe after globe after globe.  That wouldn’t have been too cool.  But it sure would have been fun.  Now I have this map that is plastered on the door at home and a duplicate will be plastered on the wall in my office.  My friend Tina says she wants to live vicariously through me, so I’ve been tasked with knitting a “Mini Aunty” and as I blog about my travels, “Mini Aunty” will be moved from location to location, as per my writings.  Yes, these kinds of things keep us amused at work.

Anyway, I’ll be placing little sticky notes all over this map as I read further into my travel book.  I’ll have to map out where the Lord of the Rings/Hobbit tour will take me and then work out where I’m gonna go after the tour is over.  I know there will be so many places that I will want to see and things to do, but I have to make sure I have enough time for all of it.  The next time you see this map, it might be covered in sticky notes.  Not map pins, since I don’t want to turn the door into a pin cushion, that and the door is within easy reach of visiting nieces and nephews who would love to pull pins out and accidentally stick themselves.  Of course the map is also within easy reach of the kids trying to pull or tear the map from the door.  But it’s a risk I’ll take.  I like my map on this door, just because.

Well, that’s all for now.  I have some reading to do and I have a third map that I have to examine up close.  And maybe I’ll be placing some sticky notes on the map tonight!


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