Yarn and Wool Shops in My World

Just for my own pleasure, I thought I’d keep a record of the yarn shops that I’ve discovered ever since I took up this hobby over a year ago.


Yes, Another Canada Flag


Vancouver, BC

  • Three Bags Full – I like this store.  I’ve been here quite a few times now.  They have a good selection of yarn.  It’s in a nice neighbourhood and the ladies in the store are super helpful.  And my favourite place to get chai tea is just across the street at East is East.  Their soy chai is really yummy and super spicy.  Trafiq, which I wrote about in a previous blog, is just up the block a bit.
  • Urban Yarns – There are two locations.  One in North Van and one in the Point Grey area.  I’ve been to the Point Grey location and it’s also a nice store with a good selection of yarn and tonnes of samples all knit up.  But it’s a bit of a far off location for me.
  • Gina Brown’s Yarn – Apparently there is also a store in Calgary by the same name.  This store is also in an out of the way location for me, but if you are ever in the Point Grey area, you’ll have a few stores to choose from.  It is a little bit more pricier than Three Bags Full, but they also have a larger selection than Three Bags Full.
  • Maiwa – If you ever go to Granville Island, you should at least pop in and take a look at the stuff they have in this store.  I’ve only been to the store once and this was actually before I was all into knitting.  I was more interested in looking at their knitting needles rather than their yarn at the time.  So I can’t really comment on their selection of yarn.

Richmond, BC

  • Wool & Wicker – Its right in Steveston, so if you finish strolling on the dock and eating your fish and chips, you can always stop by the store and check out the yarn.  They have a really good selection of patterns and books  as well.

Chilliwack, BC

  • Aunt Debbie’s Knit and Stitch Shop – I looked for this store the entire time I was in Chilliwack.  I don’t know what happened.  Perhaps I was just too stressed out from the training course, but my eyes would not allow me to find this store, until the last day and by then the store was already closed.  Unfortunately, I won’t be headed near Chilliwack for at least another three years.  So I’ll have to explore this store at a later time.  But at least I know where it is now.  And yes, the sign in the picture was just as big in real life.  It should have been impossible to miss.  But miss it, I did.

Edmonton, AB

  • River City Yarns – There were two locations when I went to visit my sister a few years back.  I didn’t get much yarn during that trip, instead I was on the hunt for books and patterns.  Both locations had a good selection of stuff.  I would go back to these stores, if I ever decide to visit Edmonton again.


Blowin' in the wind

Hong Kong

Check out this link here to help you find the stores listed below.  I basically printed out all the addresses and instructions on that page and brought it with me on my trip to HK, so I won’t be repeating it here on this post.  I also went to Ravelry as well, which is a wonderful resource for everything knit or yarn-related.

Prince Edward Station on the MTR, Kowloon

  • Filo Kilo – A really good store on Sai Yee Street.  It’s right around the corner from the Fa Yuen Street Market.  This was a really nice store with some stuff already knit up and ready for sale.  My mom ended up buying a sweater from them.  I was so tempted to buy some wool here, but I went unprepared.  I couldn’t think of what I would do with this yarn.  I think I was on yarn overload.  The guy who ran the store, I’m not sure if he was the owner or not, was super helpful and was very keen on letting me take the wool out of the bags and touch it.  He actually lived in Vancouver for a time so he knew the area where we were from.  So we got on really well.  And next time I will be well prepared!
  • Unknown – After we visited Filo Kilo, we walked up the street towards Prince Edward Road.  There was another store, which I cannot remember the name, and after checking out Google Maps, it wasn’t there.  So it might not be there the next time I visit.  I know, not exactly helpful.  But they had a nice selection of yarn and lots of notions for super cheap.  Aero and Clover.  Make sure you double check the stuff in the package before you pay for it.  It’s just a given, when shopping in Hong Kong/China.
  • Double Knit – This was right on Fa Yuen Street, in the buildings.  It was very well marked and you will go up one level to find the store.  There is a huge selection, but again, all wrapped in plastic bags.
  • Fa Yuen street market – There were a few stalls in the market that sold lots of colourful acrylic yarn for some really good prices.

Jordan Station on the MTR, Kowloon

  • Elegant Company – We got lost looking for this store and then when we got there, we were a little disappointed with this one.  I think it was more likely that we had seen the rack of “knitted” clothes that we could purchase.  But upon closer inspection, these knitted items could not possibly have been knitted by a human being, but most likely a machine.  Again, everything was in plastic bags.

Tai Koo Station on the MTR, on Hong Kong Island

  • GB Woollen – Located in Tai Koo Shing (CityPlaza).  It’s just easier to ask the information desk where it is located inside this mall.  This mall is huge so you could explore the mall or you could just save your energy for when you find the store and you are just standing there staring at all the different colours, and wondering if it’s okay to take the balls of yarn out of the plastic wrappers to touch.

Sheung Wan Station on the MTR, on Hong Kong Island

  • Mui Tong Wools Co. – I never did go to this store.  I will definitely have to make an effort to go, not because of anything really special that they sell, but more because my mom remembers buying yarn from this store when she was younger.  So I guess this store is an oldie but a goodie.


USA Flag

United States

Portland, OR

  • The Yarn Garden – This was a great store.  I discovered it last year with my friend Irene and then helped my mom to discover it later that same year.  There is so much yarn to choose from and the ladies were very helpful.  I probably could’ve spent a couple of hours there.  Oh, Wait, I think we did.
  • Knit/Purl – This store was downtown Portland and in a great location if you’re staying downtown.  It’s definitely not as big as The Yarn Garden, but it is in a good location near the food carts.
  • Michaels – This Arts & Crafts store can be found all over the US and in Canada.  You can get a really good selection of yarn and the prices are fairly decent and even better when there are coupons!


New Zealand Flag, Beehive

New Zealand

Auckland, Wellington, Christchurch, etc.

I can’t wait to fill in this section!  If anyone knows of some great wool shops in New Zealand, Please let me know.  I’ll be checking Ravelry as well for suggestions of course!


4 thoughts on “Yarn and Wool Shops in My World

  1. There is a good one in Browns Bay in Auckland. It is very messy and rummagy but fun.
    The other one I use a lot is Crafty Knitwits in Milford (also on the north shore of Auckland). This one is beautifully laid out and worth the trip to Milford to visit. Probably about 15 minutes from the city (depending on traffic) and you would need a car but is on a bus route from the city.
    I have recently started knitting again after many years and so am still discovering our few and far between yarn stores.
    There is also a good one in Tauranga but it was closed on a Sunday when I was down there. I peered through the closed window like a mad woman. The shop was again quite messy and rummagy. http://www.taurangaknitting.co.nz


  2. I was in Hokatiki on the West Coast of NZ a few months ago and there was a sock museum that demonstrated old sock making machines. They also had a good yarn supply of hand spun and hand dyed possum yarns and wools etc. not a massive shop but good interesting stuff that I hadn’t seen before


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