And…I’m Back!

However I am more than a little bruised and battered.  A whole week of twists, grabs, clamps, takedowns, falling, tripping, scrapes, purposely applied pain and just general pent up stress, can really make a crazy person, crazier.  At this very moment, the only thing I feel in my wrists is pain.  But it’s a good pain, because I passed.  My entire body aches and I’m walking with a slight limp but really, it’s all good, because I PASSED!  Never mind that there are ugly brown bruises all over my arms and probably more in spots on my back that I can’t see.  I PASSED!  And so did my friend Barry.  Actually the entire class passed!  But seriously the stress was more than unpleasant.  I don’t want to put all the blame on the class, because I know that half the stress was probably self-induced.  But…blahhhh!  I’m very glad Barry was there.  It would have been even worse if I was there on my own.

I won’t be doing much knitting for a few days.  I think I need to let the swelling go down a bit and it’s not easy to knit with an icepack on your wrist, unless I strap it on with rubber bands.  I am very glad I booked off Monday.  At least I’ll have three days to recuperate.  Hopefully there will be nice weather over the weekend.

But enough about the class.  Let me show you some lovely pictures of Chilliwack, specifically the Vedder River.  During the week, I managed to squeeze in two walks along the river.  But really there were only two days of good weather for walking.  The rest of the days were just pouring rain.


This is what is the Vedder River looked like at about 7pm on Monday, with the sun beginning to go down.

 IMG_1819 IMG_1820 IMG_1821

There was a nice trail running along the river.  I went up about one kilometre, until there was no more river to be seen, and when it started to get really cold, I turned back.


On the other side of the trail, was a nice dog park and I tried my best to get some scenic sunset shots with my trusty iPhone.  You can already see in the distance the dark stormy clouds rolling in for the night.

IMG_1825 IMG_1827

The cherry tree blossoms were really pretty with the blue sky in the background.


And I just thought this was a very pretty picture.  Nothing really to describe here, except that it was the view across the way from the cherry tree blossoms.  I apologize ahead of time here.  I don’t know why all the photos except this one is clickable and I haven’t been able to figure out how to fix it yet.

So three days later, on Thursday, after the class, after we all found out that we passed, the sun came out.

 IMG_1830 IMG_1831

It’s really hard to tell here, but the river is higher because of the rain.  And it was colder as well.  You shouldn’t have to look very hard in the first picture to see snow still on the mountain tops.

 IMG_1833  IMG_1835

Since I had already gone along the trail on Monday, I decided to cross the bridge and see what there was on the other side.  There wasn’t anything really exciting to see.  I turned around and took a couple of shots of the river from the bridge.  I even got a bit of my thumb in the corner of the pictures.  I will have to to work on my camera skills.  But in my own defence, the pent up stress and the pain in the wrists really had my hands so shaky it was a miracle I didn’t drop the phone into the river.  Apparently, the assessor even noticed the trembling, which is never a good thing.  But he was kind about it, so I like him.


Hello!  Is that Peter Pan’s shadow?  No!  It’s Auntie’s!  Just de-stressing after a very stressful 4 days.  The rest of the class went out for drinks while I decided to go for a tea at Waves coffee – Rooibos Symphony – Delicious!  and De-caffeinated!  With chocolate! and Whip Cream!  Honestly, how can you not de-stress with that?


And Finally, one of my favourites with the sun setting behind me, the clouds were pink and so was the snow on the mountain.

Did I see dairy cows and eagles swooping?  Not this time.  All I saw were red robins and squirrels.  But still it was nature and inadvertently, I saw more agricultural land than I thought I would.  On our way home this evening, there was a major traffic accident on the Trans Canada Highway on the Chilliwack/Abbotsford border, so we decided to take a detour around that section of highway.  And of course the detour took us through lots of farmland.  Pretty and picturesque?  Yes.  A place for me to spend lots of time there?  Not for me, Thanks.

See you in three years Chilliwack!


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