Little Ray of Sunshine!

I had little visitors on this mostly cloudy day.  Four of them, actually.  It was my sisters’ birthday recently so they decided to come over for lunch.  Yes, that’s sisters, plural.  Little Z and Little B’s moms belong to a unique group of people who share the same birthday.  They are identical twins.

Happy Birthday Twins!

It was a loud and noisy affair.  The kids were thumping the table, and yelling and trying to get mom’s and dad’s and aunty’s attention.  Sitting them down at the kids table worked for a short period of time.  But eventually they wanted to go and play and the big people were busy having big people conversations so it was just easier to shout!  Right, Little Z?  So after bibs were removed and hands and mouths were washed, they were off.  Picnics and tea time kept them occupied and then there was the chasing around and the high pitched squealing and the roar from the child who wanted to be the lion chasing the other children, who were the pigs.  I think I heard some hide an seek as well and then there was the climbing on the furniture and then there was the 4th child, the newest little visitor who was beginning to fuss because he was hungry.  So it was a loud and noisy affair.  But everyone had fun.  And perhaps it  was a little too much fun, because when it was time to go home, the tears started to flow.  Little B refused to put her shoes on so mom had to carry her to the car.  She was still crying when Big Sister Z and Little Brother Z were stepping out the door.  Big Sister Z had her tears turned on too.  It only stopped long enough when Aunty pulled out the iPhone so she could take some pictures from her point of view.

IMG_1802 IMG_1810 IMG_1811

Not bad for a 3 year old.  She managed to get a pretty decent shot of my flowering bush.  Little brother Z was smart enough to say cheese when the camera was pointed at him.  Hello my little Hobbit!  And then of course Aunty had to pose for the budding photographer.  And Look at that!  It’s my sweater!  Finally finished, blocked and dry.

I absolutely love this sweater.  Can’t you tell?


The colour is fabulous.  It’s kind of like an emerald green colour.  It’s hard to tell in the pictures here because of the lighting, but it is a really rich green colour.  I used Rowan’s Creative Focus Worsted yarn.  I ended up using 4 and a little bit balls of yarn for this sweater.  Now that I’ve knitted this once, I think I can get away with using just 4 balls of yarn, especially since with the blocking, it stretched out quite nicely.  I mention this only because I have another 4 balls of the same yarn, but in a different colour.  The question is, do I really want to have two of the same style sweaters?

IMG_1796  IMG_1791

If you are interested, this is the Castle Pullover from Quince & Co.  My friend Irene knitted this last year and she shared her pattern with me.  I think it’s a great style that fits all body types.  It flares out at the bottom a bit, because the pattern calls for switching to a larger size needle.  So it’s not like one of those sweaters that snugs you up and shows all the unwanted lumps and bumps!  I love the lace pattern and it was really an easy knit.  My sisters really liked the sweater on me and my mom liked it enough to ask me to knit one for her.  Unfortunately for her I already have two other works in progress so starting on a third was just not going to happen, even if it was for my mom.

And one last time, here is my pretty flowering bush.  This one is an Aunty picture.  The sun came out just in time for the outdoor pictures.  Just in time to pack the kids into the cars and head off home.  And then my little visitors, my little rays of sunshine were gone, literally and figuratively.


Maybe there will be some sunshine tomorrow.


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