Packing My Bags

Again?  Yes, but this is not a pleasure trip.  I’m being sent to a far away land for work purposes.  In Chilliwack!  My only saving grace?  I am going with my friend Barry, from work.  We can experience all the highs and lows together for the next week.  I hope all goes well in the class.  I hope the weather is good, but there’s not much room in my bag for my own stuff other than work clothes.  But I’ll manage to squeeze in some yarn and knitting needles, and a laptop.  I just have to find free wi-fi when I get there.  I think there’s a coffee-house nearby with free wi-fi and I think there’s actually a yarn shop up the street as well.  It might not be so bad.

We’ll have the company car.  Thank goodness!  And Barry will be driving.  Even better!  But it’s a 6am start on Monday which means I’ll have to be up by 5am.  Evil!  We’re gonna have to get a coffee at Tim’s before we head onto the highway.

It’ll be okay.  It’s just training!  Never mind that it’s pass or fail.  There’s a 50% chance that I’ll pass.  I could always pretend I’m going to a lovely far off place to shop for yarn and there’s a bonus course that I get to take while I’m in this far away land.  And really, the further away I get from Vancouver, the closer I get to nature.  Right?  or at least Agricultural land.  I’ll get to see some dairy cows?  Maybe on the highway I’ll see an eagle swooping down in the air trying to catch breakfast.  I actually did see that once, but I was driving and I was on the highway so it would’ve been suicide to stop and take a picture.  It was another bird that it was after.  It was really impressive to watch as I was driving closer and then as I watched in the rearview mirror.  I’ve been told that the training location is near the Vedder river, so if it’s not too cold and wet, I might have to trek down that way and see what I can see.  Maybe it won’t be so bad.  I just have to make sure I pack my bags by Saturday night so I have all of Sunday to relax.


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