Smell the Flowers!

It’s pouring rain out there!  Apparently it was like this since just before noon.  But I didn’t know it.  I work in an office that has no windows.  I am surrounded by concrete and the temperature control is beyond my control so in the morning it could be a sauna in there and on my way out it is a freezer.  Of course, I haven’t watched any TV since coming back from Hong Kong and I don’t listen to the radio in the morning any more, so I missed the  weather report.  Being a Vancouver-ite, I probably should’ve known better and should’ve just left my umbrella in my bag.  But I was fooled by that beautiful sunshine we had over the long weekend.  So here I am walking home in the rain and I make it to the front door and instead of heading up the stairs to get out of the rain, I stop.  Because I could smell something and it was a nice something.

My oldest bushy plant, from 2006, has finally flowered and the smell coming from these little white flowers was wonderful.  It was so fresh, with the rain coming down and the sweet smell from these flowers was just a lovely way to end the work day.

But even before this lovely end, I think I knew this day would be a good one.  When I got off the train at 7am this morning and all the people were jamming up the escalator, I decided to take the stairs instead.  As I made my way across the walkway, I could see that it was the end of shift for many employees as they ran to catch the train.  I don’t usually pay too much attention to them.  In fact, I don’t usually walk this way to get into the building.  Like all the others just off the train, I was trying to reduce the late time from 10 minutes to 7 minutes.  But as I got closer, someone caught my eye.  A grown man, who clearly just finished his graveyard shift was skipping through the doors, not running like the others to catch the train.  I don’t know what he was thinking, but the smile on his face was just contagious and I had to smile back.  I can only imagine what he was thinking.

It’s over.  I’m done and I have the whole day ahead of me.  But no rush I’m just gonna have a little fun.  I’ve already missed the train so why run?

He set the tone for me today.  I don’t know who he is and there are so many people who work where I work, that it’ll be a miracle if I ever see him again, but I want to say this:

Thank You.  You made my day.  Not that I was thinking about you throughout the day.  It was a busy day, so I actually forgot about you until the end of my shift.  It wasn’t until I was getting on to the train to head home that I remembered.  And the feelings that you brought out in me in the morning, put me in such a pleasant place this afternoon, that the rain didn’t bother me, nor did the person who didn’t understand the concept of a line up to get on the bus and I was still in a pleasant place when I smelled the flowers.

And even more amazing, I had forgotten what they smelled like.  I actually turned around to try to identify the source and then I saw my flowering bush!  Sweet!

The smile was still on my face when I entered the house, because I knew there was a little visitor today.  Little B.  She was napping of course and she wasn’t interested in Aunty when she first woke up, but that was okay.  Once she was fully awake, she came calling and I managed to get a kiss and hug from Little B.


AND I have finished my sweater!  Hurray!  I am blocking it right now.  I’ll have more information and pictures in a future post.  I am so pleased to have finished it just in time for the rain to return.

Now where did I put my umbrella?


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