Afternoon Tea

I met up with an old friend and his wife for some afternoon tea the other day.  It’s been over a year since I last saw him.  He retired over four years ago but we used to meet up regularly for lunches.  This time we met up at this really nice cafe called The Last Crumb.  The food was good and the tea was excellent.  A Facebook friend of mine had pictures of this place and I thought it would be a nice place to try out.  They have some delicious bite-size curry chicken sandwiches as part of their afternoon tea menu which are to die for.  Unfortunately it’s not part of their regular menu.  So you’ll have to go for the afternoon tea to taste the curry chicken sandwiches.  They have a really good Earl Grey tea.  Try it with honey instead of sugar.  They can also adjust the menu so it is gluten free!  A plus if that is an issue for you.  However afternoon tea is served upstairs, so if stairs are not your friend, you might want to let them know this when you make the reservation and they will set you up on the ground floor.  They only serve afternoon tea on the weekends and don’t go in expecting fancy china like at the Fairmont Empress.  The tea cups were a simple white and the colour came from the coloured teapots.  You won’t have anyone in tuxedo shirts pouring your tea, but we did have this lovely lady with cute blue bunny ears assisting us while we were there.  It was Easter Sunday after all!  This is a place I will return to.  And because they can serve gluten free food, it’s a place that I can take my sister as well.  I think I’ll try their Spicy Mayan Hot chocolate next time.

Anyway, I’m sure I have mentioned my friend in a previous post.  This was the friend who hassled me so much that I finally went to see the doctor.  Kent.  It was good to see him again.  Picture Santa Claus and that is Kent.  He even has the beard too and the jolly personality to go along with it, though it is not a snowy white beard.  And can you believe that he used to wear the Santa Hat on Christmas day while at work?  In an environment where the uniform is very important, to be able to convince management to let you wear a Santa Claus hat with your uniform, well, only Santa could get away with it.  It was always funny to see the kids faces when they saw him.  Yes, Santa has another job when he’s not dropping off presents to all the kids in the world.  And Yes, he’s now retired here in the Lower Mainland.

But that was a different time.  There is no such thing as whimsy anymore at the workplace.  Instead we have to find that outside of the workplace or bring it in discretely, like my knitting.  I don’t actually get to do much knitting at work, but the fact that it’s sitting in my purse means there’s the possibility of me whipping it out and knitting a row or two.  Or on the way into work, watching the sky turn from pink to orange to blue as the sun rises or on the way out, seeing that the cherry tree blossoms are pretty and pink already.  It’s all about learning to see things just a little differently.


One thought on “Afternoon Tea

  1. I love drinking tea! It is nice to share a moment or two with a close friend or family member while enjoying the taste of tea leaves. Oh how delightful!


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