A Perfect Hunt!

At first he just looked at it, wondering what to do, and then seconds later, he grabbed it.  And then big sister shouted, “Oh Easter Eggs!” and then cousin B went after the next one.  And then the kids scattered.  But really, there was no rush.  With only three kids and an entire back yard filled with brightly coloured plastic Easter eggs strategically placed all over the grounds, it wasn’t really an Easter Egg hunt, but more like Easter Egg clean up time.  Each child was armed with a bag or a basket.  Each child wore the standard gear of a sun hat, sun block, jacket (dependent on the parent) and sunglasses.  It was a perfect day for them to fill the baskets.

 IMG_1775 IMG_1780

It was funny to watch each child pick their eggs, Baby brother Z was hesitant with each egg, looking at it carefully before picking it up or waiting for dad or aunty to point it out first before picking it up.  Big sister Z was rushing about collecting the eggs like they were going to run away.  And Little B had to make sure she had quality eggs before adding it to her basket, a shake of her hand to make sure there was something inside before plopping it into her basket.  It was really cute.  And then just like that, the yard was clear.  The hunt was over!


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