Spring Day

No early morning sunrises today. What a relief. Instead I slept in and woke up to gorgeous sunshine. How Wonderful!  It was too nice of a day to sit inside so I went out to admire the flowers.

20130329-143941.jpgThese are just out in the back yard. It’s very nice in our yard, with some colour now, other than brown and green grass. The brown is disappearing and changing to a lovely green colour. Soon we’ll be pulling out the kids toys so they can play outside. That’ll be a super treat, especially for baby brother Z. Now that he’ll be turning two very soon, he’ll be much more active on his own as compared to last spring/summer when he wasn’t really walking. Sadly, big sister Z is super sensitive to sunlight and burns after just a few minutes in the sun. So she has to be slathered in sunblock at least 30 minutes before heading outdoors. And she has to have a large sunhat and sunglasses. Of course baby brother Z wants the same treatment as well, so it’s a big event, just to go outside with the kids. Little B doesn’t seem to have this issue though.

Even so, all the kids are slathered before heading outside at our place.  It’s just better that way.  So now the kids will have flowers to look at and green grass to play on.  I was never much of a flower person.  I always thought they were pretty, but I just never spent a lot of time out in the garden.  But with the kids, it’s just nice to have pretty things for them to play around and admire and learn from.

IMG_1759 IMG_1762

I don’t suppose anyone knows what kind of flower this is?  My mom planted them last fall but she can’t remember where she got them from.

Now, I’m not normally one of those people who stops to admire the flowers, but I noticed, later in the day, that these same flowers had closed up in the shade.  I wonder what purpose that would serve?  I have no green thumb.  I pick flowers based on how pretty the flower is, but have you ever noticed that the flowers are pretty at the nursery but once you’ve bought them and planted them in the garden, the flowers sort of wither away?  I’ve got this bush in the back that hasn’t really grown much in probably 5 years.  I can’t even remember what kind of bush it is anymore.  I’ve never seen it flower.  But I know that when I picked it out, it did have flowers.  This has happened to me three times now.  I have three bushes in the garden that do not flower.  But I know they can flower, because that’s why I bought them.  Their not dead though. My thumb may not be green, but it’s not so bad that I kill them off.  Sigh!  Well at least my mom has nice flowers for the kids.

So after admiring the flowers in the yard, I headed out for a coffee at this nice coffee shop that I discovered by accident a few months ago.  Trafiq makes a really delicious mocha.  Try the marble mocha.

It also happened to be one block away from my favourite yarn shop, Three Bags Full.  So of course I had to stop by and take a look at the yarn.

Photo on 2013-03-29 at 6.04 PMAnd I bought a ball of yarn.  It’s a lovely white colour.  I already know what I’m going to go with it, but I won’t say yet since I am actually still working on my sweater, and then I have a scarf that I have to finish up before starting on this new ball of yarn.  While at the store, I was talking to one of the ladies and asked her if they sold any yarn from New Zealand.  Unfortunately not.  But she was telling me about the problems with the possum that had been introduced to New Zealand and how it is wrecking havoc on the islands and how they are now using the possum fur/hair and mixing it into the wool.  She said it was super soft and warm when all knitted up, but just thinking about a possum, well it kind of makes me shudder.  I know they are not rodents, but for some reason I am picturing a rodent fur sweater and Ughhh!  That kind of grosses me out.  But I’m sure my perception will change once I’m there and feeling the softness of the wool.  Ahhh!  I can’t wait to explore the wool down there.  I have to remember to have a pattern that I want to knit, so I know what kind of yarn I want and how much to buy.  I wonder what kind of patterns they have down there?  Hong Kong had some great patterns but everything was in Japanese.  I hope they don’t keep the yarn all wrapped up in plastic bags.  It’s nice to be able to go in and touch the yarn.  I’ll have to check out the forums on Ravelry later on.  Oh and I did a little late night research and discovered that January may not be such a good time to go to New Zealand.  It is summer there.  That’s when everyone is out of school and on holidays, which would be like high season and places to stay may be a bit higher.  So I’m now looking at mid February to March, perhaps the second week of February and take 5 weeks off and come back in mid March.  Maybe I’ll be in Christchurch buying yarn on my birthday next year.

Well, the sun is still out.  I have to go and dig out the lawn furniture now.  I think knitting outside in the sun would be great!


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