Neglected, but Not Forgotten!

It’s been a while since I last wrote about one of my other favourites.  My knitting hobby!  Well it has not been forgotten, just a little neglected.  It travels with me everywhere.  I take it to work with me everyday, just in the off chance I feel like knitting during my break.  I carry a larger purse when I head out the door on the weekends, just so I can pull it when I stop for a coffee.  It is my therapy when I am not shopping, writing or playing with the kids.  I love knitting, but again, BALANCE.  I have been blogging a lot more than usual since I got back from Hong Kong and it’s taken a bit of time away from my knitting.  My sleep issues have sort of gotten in the way as well.  It actually relaxes me to the point where it puts me to sleep when I knit, which is really a bad thing if you are working on a lace pattern.  And really, who wants to fall asleep with two pointy sticks in your hands.  It’s kind of a health hazard.

But since my last up date, before I went away, my sweater had progressed a little bit more.


Now you can see the lace pattern and the actual sweater taking shaping.  I hope to finish it soon.  Especially now that spring is here.  I want to be able to wear it at least once before it’s too hot to wear or before I don’t fit it anymore.  My sleep issues have affected my appetite and I’ve actually lost three pounds this last week.  On any other occasion, that would be great.  But the last time I had serious sleep issues at this same time of year, combined with appetite issues and unexplained weight loss issues, I also ended up on medication.  Wow that’s a dreary outlook!

But I am determined that that is not going to happen again!  Things are not as bad this time.  I just have to fix the sleeping issue first.  And this long weekend is going to be the staring point.

Spring is here!  The weather is changing quickly and for the better.  These next four days, the temperature is supposed to be around 17 or 18 degrees C.  No rain whatsoever.  Saturday and Sunday is supposed to be the best.  I cannot wait to go out and find a nice place to sit for coffee and knit, maybe squeeze in a blog.

On the brighter side of having sleep issues, You are up early enough to see the sunrise.


Stop!  And just Enjoy the Beauty!  Did that! for one, maybe two seconds and then it was time to make a mad dash for the Skytrain!


The other nice thing about spring, is the sun rises earlier with each passing day!  The sun’s a little higher in this picture, though the bridge is kind of blocking it out.


And of course, I missed the train the second time around so I got to see the sun come up a little higher over the Arthur Lang Bridge.  Very Pretty.  Probably would’ve been prettier with a nicer camera.  But my iPhone 5 does the trick.

It almost makes me want to wake up earlier and go out and find a different vantage point to watch the sunrise.  Almost.  If I can get some decent sleep over the long weekend, I’ll stop talking crazy like that.

I hope everyone has a safe and lovely long weekend.  I will have some me-time, some baby-time, some knitting time, some old-friends-for tea-time and whatever else comes my way.  Maybe I’ll be lucky and finish my sweater this weekend!


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