Sweet Sleep, Happy Morning, Good Day!

Nine solid hours of sleep!  And then I woke up just in time to see this!  Sunshine in Vancouver!


There was a small dark cloud hovering but there is always a dark cloud hovering somewhere.  It just adds drama.  But what a beautiful day down by “The Village”, formerly known as the Olympic Village.IMG_1718

I don’t usually get a chance to come down this way.  I never really have a reason to stop here but this time I was looking for a crafty market called Portobello West.  I’d heard about them before from my friend Jen.  But last year the market was located somewhere else.  This year they decided to set up at Creekside Community Centre at The Village and it seemed like a good reason to go.  It was an okay market.  Maybe it was because I was there too early or maybe I am missing the markets from Hong Kong, but it felt very empty.  Like there should’ve been more people there.  The stalls were well spaced out and it was a nice open, airy space, but I like markets where there are lots of crowds.  Even so, I didn’t walk away empty handed.  I got a pretty little pendant and a silk-wrap bracelet from this one stall where the owner took her own photos and put them into jewellery pieces.  Her name is Natalie Woods and you can see more of her stuff here.

   IMG_1747 IMG_1748

I think, right now, the pendent is my favourite of the two.

Afterwards, I welcomed an unexpected visitor, my sister, her hubby, Little B and eleven week old Little N.  They decided to stop by after visiting one of their friends and their baby who was born just a few weeks after Little N.  After a lot of cuddle time with Aunty and then with Grandma, Little N got some tummy time while mom and aunty sat down for tea time and Grandma gave some attention to Little B.


During tea time I told my sister about my plans to go to New Zealand next year in January and to go on a Hobbit tour.  She was so excited for me.  I’ve been instructed to take tons of pictures of Hobbiton as well as any other Lord of the Rings related stuff.  She is a big fan of Lord of the Rings and the Hobbit.  Then she found out that our mom might go too and I was to ensure that our mom saw all the movies, before going to New Zealand.  I know that if it weren’t for the kids, she really would’ve wanted to go with me.  The visit ended with diaper changing time and then they were off again.  And then back, to retrieve a forgotten bottle and then gone again.

All in all it was a very good day.  The sun is still shining and there’s still lots of time to do some knitting!


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