365 Days Gone By

I wasn’t actually going to post anything tonight.  I am working on only 3 hours of sleep from last night.  I finally fell asleep at 3am this morning.  I am so glad the week is over.

I just thought I’d drop a quick note.  365 days ago, I started this blog.  I wasn’t sure what I was going to blog about at that time, hence my relatively broad description about rambling about my favourite things.

Looking back, my rambles have tended to revolve around family and life.  I love talking about the kids and my new knitting hobby, which is not so new anymore and since the blog, I’ve started writing my stories again.  I still have to learn to balance things out though.  I spend an awful lot of time knitting, when I’m off work and at one point, I was so stiff, I couldn’t turn my neck for a week.  If I can manage to tear my self away from my knitting, then I’ll squeeze in a blog here or there.  And I’ve stopped watching a lot of TV.  Why? You may ask, when there is so much inspiring reality TV shows on like Survivor or Big Brother?  Well, I’ve discovered that I can’t knit lace and pay attention to TV.  And I certainly can’t blog and watch TV.  Though listening to music works out perfectly.  I highly recommend Fiona Apple’s version of Sally’s Song from Nightmare Before Christmas and Rihanna’s Stay, play on repeat throughout the night.  It works for knitting and blogging and writing stories, and in a pinch Stay is a great song to sing to your 3 year old niece, since the chorus repeats two or three words over and over again.

I’ve managed to blog about my favourite city to visit and my next favourite is that I love to research new places to travel to.

I’m sure that in another 365 days, I will still be rambling and revolving around the kids, perfecting my knitting technique and the art of watching TV and knitting at the same time (or not), and certainly I’ll have a few rambles about my latest travels.  Maybe I’ll have thrown in a few stories by then.

In the meantime, I’m just gonna sleep on it.


One thought on “365 Days Gone By

  1. It sounds like a serious lack of sleep, but it’s so cool that you blogged today and got to celebrate 365 days of blogging. It is strange how much can pass between those days. Here’s to another 365 days (and more sleep!).


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