Good Morning Hong Kong

Good Morning Hong Kong,

I slept in today. It wasn’t because of the super comfy bed of rock that I slept on, but probably more because we walked all day up and down Nathan Road yesterday.

Oh Nathan Road. How I have missed all your bling, whether it be shiny gold bling or the bling from the neon signs that hang over the middle of the street, for everyone as far away as North America to see. I love bling. And I love walking in the sunshine with the breeze in your back. But I can’t say that I like Sunday crowds. Everyone in Hong Kong must’ve had the day off. And of course it was a beautiful day out so everyone had to be outside. But I guess it wouldn’t be Hong Kong without the crowds. Our first stop for the day was at the Jade Market, which is just off Nathan Road. I was surprised to hear that it was the very first time my mom had ever been to the Jade Market in all her life. But I guess that would be like me and the Capilano Suspension Bridge. I wouldn’t think to go to a touristy place in my own home town so why would my mom?

Our next stop was a lovely department store on Nathan Road called Wing-On. I know what you must be thinking. You’re in Hong Kong! Why would you go to a department store to shop when you can go to the market stalls and get the same or similar stuff for half the price? Perhaps it’s the shopping snob in me or the Canadian in me, but I am not very good at bargaining down prices. In all my travels to this city, I have only every seriously bargained down an item 3 times. Successfully, of course, but still, it has never brought me as much joy as my sister in negotiating prices.

The funny thing about this trip is, I haven’t really been in major shopping mode. I came armed with a shopping list of course. When you go on a shopping vacation, you have to have a list. But I actually haven’t been as excited about shopping as much as my previous trips. Maybe because I’m older, or maybe the trends this year are not to my taste. But I find myself looking at stuff for the kids and the toys that I can bring back to them. And then the academic in me says, Wait! Is it allowed into Canada? Are there Health Canada issues? Are there issues with their parents and what they are willing to let their kids play with? So I’ve actually stepped back and waited.

I have re-awakened an old shopping philosophy. Wait. Come back another day. If it’s still there, it was meant to be. If it’s gone, then I was not meant to buy it. And that would normally work, however this is Hong Kong. The stalls are just around the corner from the storage facility, just around the corner from the factory. There will always be stock. But still, I will wait.


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