Dear Hong Kong

Dear Hong Kong,

How I have missed you! When the pilot announced that we would be arriving in just under 90 minutes, I couldn’t wait. I was so excited. It’s been over 13 months since my last visit. When we touched down, and they announced that it was 24 degrees C out there, all I could think was ‘Ahhhh’ Bliss. What a vacation this will be! Then when we were taxi-ing to the gate, and the airline stewardess announced that we could all turn on our mobiles, I was jealous, because I didn’t have a SIM card for my own mobile. As I waited for our luggage, all I could think was how efficient the airport was in getting our luggage out to us as quickly as possible. Then when I got on the hotel coach and we drove across the Tsing Ma bridge, all I could think of was how I missed the hazy smog of Hong Kong over the water and how it just made it all the more beautiful with the sun setting. Then we encountered rush hour, but we weren’t stuck in it for long and I couldn’t wait to get on a double decker bus and I couldn’t wait to ride the MTR. Oh the MTR, one of the most efficient transit systems ever! Oh How I have missed you. However when I got off the hotel coach to discover that I now had two itchy bug bites, I could only think – this is Hong Kong. At least it wasn’t a cockroach. Then when we stepped into the hotel lobby, I thought, Air conditioning! Everywhere we go there will be AC or at a minimum a rotating fan that’s got the strips of ribbon blowing in the breeze. And what a breeze. I have never been to Hong Kong in March and I was pleasantly surprised that it was not sticky hot outside. So Dear Hong Kong, you have given me another perk. I have visited you in May, September, October, November, December, January and now March and so far I like the March and October weather. Dear Hong Kong, I have missed your hotel beds that are as hard as a rock. Despite the curves on my body, I will have a very straight back when this trip is over. I have not missed your smokers, but maybe, because I’m staying at a different part, there aren’t as many smokers. I have not missed your rude market hawkers, but it wouldn’t be Hong Kong if they weren’t there. I have missed your food. Despite living only 30 minutes from the city of Richmond, Chinese food always seems to taste better here in Hong Kong.

Dear Hong Kong, Oh how I have missed you!


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