Works in Progress!

As I mentioned in my last post, here is a picture of my finished Nyanen tee.  I absolutely love the colour and the yarn was nice to work with as well.  I thought I wouldn’t have enough yarn to complete the project but it turned out I had just over one skein left over.  So I can add that back to my sub-stash, the extra-skeins-and-what-to-do-with-it stash.  I can’t wait to wear this in Hong Kong.  I think this pattern will be one that I’ll knit again, but probably in a solid colour next time.


In 14 hours I’ll be on a plane headed of to Hong Kong.  I’m so excited.  It’ll be a short trip, which I may or may not regret when I’m trying to recover from jet lag.  But it’ll be a live-and-learn experience.  While I’m there I’ll have plenty to do, when I get tired of shopping and walking around.

As I mentioned before, I have started work on another sweater, the Castle pullover.  I am almost finished the yoke of the sweater and anticipate starting on the lace pattern when I arrive in HK tomorrow night.  This time around, I’m knitting in a solid colour.  A nice emerald green colour.  It’s a really nice wool/alpaca mix.  It is so soft and warm and I learned something new, the “spit-splicing method” to join a new ball of yarn to the old ball.  And really, you use spit, which is kind of gross.  But it really worked nicely.

Image Image

I may or may not be able to get in a post while I’m there but I’m sure there will be postings after I return.  And I’ll also have another project to return to as well.

The Feather and Fan Short scarf.

It’s turning out really nicely.  I think the yarn I’m using is a synthetic.  Probably acrylic, but it’s still nice and the colour is pretty too.  It’ll look really nice when it’s blocked.  The lace detail will stand out all the more.

 Image Image

Oh so much to do and I’m on vacation!  Thank goodness I’m already packed and ready to go.


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