It’s not real! It’ll be okay!

I am devastated!  And all because of a book.

I finally saw Peter Jackson’s The Hobbit and it was a fantastic movie.  It’s been ages since I read the book and because it was such a good movie I thought I’d re-read the book after seeing the movie.  When The Lord of the Rings movies starting coming a few years back, my sisters were very excited about it and their enthusiasm  was contagious, and for good reason.  It was a good series of movies that I think was true to the book, for the most part.  So it was pretty exciting to hear that there was going to be a Hobbit movie later on.  Of course, I didn’t really keep up with the gossip about this movie and all I knew about the movie was that Martin Freeman would be Bilbo Baggins.  I can honestly say I prefer not knowing anything about a movie i.e. not watching trailers or TV spots so that nothing is spoiled.  And the movie was not spoiled for me.  I loved it and the main characters, Bilbo, Thorin and Gandolf, I think, were very well developed.  Too well developed.  Because now I care about what happens to them.  And that brings me back to the book.  I finished it and I couldn’t believe how it ended.  And for the very first time, I wish I had never read the book before the movie.  Because now I know what will happen to my favourite characters and I wish it wouldn’t happen.  I actually wish that the movie would veer away from the book and not be true to the story.  I am devastated at what is to come.  And even worse, I’ve only seen part 1 of the Hobbit.  There’s probably another two years to agonize over the fate of my favourite characters.  I know, I know.  I’m being overly dramatic. It’s just a story.  It’s not real!  I’ll have to go cold turkey and stop watching the Youtube clips of the Hobbit.  Maybe pick up a new book to read or pick up another knitting project, even though I’ve already got two on the go.

Sigh!  I know.  It’s not real!  It’ll be okay!  Eventually. 


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