Snow? What Snow? Ice Bombs?!?

So I took the day off yesterday.  I knew it was going to snow because the forecaster said there would be snow.  But it wasn’t because I was afraid to go to work in the snow.  I just thought it would be nice to have the day off to spend with my niece, Little Z.

I picked the wrong day to take the day off.

Yes, I did wake up to snow yesterday.  And it was beautiful.  Little Z and I made little snowmen.  Little Z made attempts at making snow angels and she really had improved on her snow washing skills in the hour that we were out there.  Her snowball making and snowball throwing skills needs more work though.  Perhaps she had a chance to get in some practice time today.

TODAY!  Today was a snow day.  Yes, it was beautiful when I woke up to see it.  Stepping out into it?  Okay.  It was windy and cold, but it’s Winter.  Driving in it wasn’t too bad in the morning.  Since everyone decided to take public transit, there actually wasn’t a lot of cars on the road so heading into work was a cinch!  Arriving at my destination?  Blowing snow!  But I was just a short ride from the parking lot to my office.  No Problem right?  The forecaster said the snow would stop by noon and we would get rain and by the end of the day, it would be wet, but no snow.  It’s a shame the forecaster was wrong.  It’s a shame the snow didn’t stop till just before I got off work.    I guess one of the signs things were going to be bad was when my boss went home early.  And then our brand new bridge, Port Mann, which was only officially opened up 10 days ago, was closed due to falling ice bombs! and is still closed as I type this blog.  And you’d think that I would get the hint as I walked out of my office when I stop at the cross walk and one of the maintenance guys tells me to walk in the middle of the crosswalk because there is falling snow from the upper walkway.  The guy didn’t even get a chance to finish his sentence when a large pack of snow fell down in front of me.  Holy Snow!  Thank goodness for traffic reports.  I managed to avoid downed trees, jack-knifed semi’s, spun out cars and flooding and  all of this was in the city, not out on highways.

But shovelling!  Shovelling the snow is the worst.  Sorry, let me be more explicit!  Shovelling WET snow is the worst.  It is deceptively beautiful, with the white fluffy stuff on top, hiding the wet heavy stuff below.  Oh how misleading are those Christmas commercials.  Perhaps I would be thinking differently if I was on holiday and experiencing the snow in the warmth of my house, but I’m not and I didn’t, so I don’t.

I’m glad I had my lovely snow day with Little Z but OH how I miss the rain.


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