Welcome Winter!

I woke up this morning so see the first signs of a real winter.  Snowflakes were falling softly from the sky.  Lovely.  Until I had to go out.  It wasn’t bad at first.  The snow was falling a little faster just as I was walking out the door of the house, but within two blocks, the wind had picked up as well as the intensity of the snow and soon enough there was sideways snow.  SIDEWAYS!  Can anyone say blizzard?  Well maybe not a blizzard but it definitely was a day not fit for travel.  But travel we did.  By the time we reached Chinatown, it was more of a wet snow than soft fluff.  Thankfully, real Vancouver weather kicked in and the wet snow turned into rain.  Oh how I love rain.  But maybe it was just because of the location.  Because as we drove back home, the rain became wet snow and then back to sideways snow.  And all before noon.  Welcome Winter.  I can’t wait till tomorrow’s storm!


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