Welcome Fall weather! Welcome Rain!

It is another dreary weekend.  Vancouver Fall weather has finally arrived.  I have my cup of tea, and a bowl of chocolates to tempt me while I listen to Christmas music and work on a new project.  That’s right.  Christmas music!  And it goes great with rain.  Oh how I love Christmas.  But it will be a hectic one for me this year.  I’ve got knitting projects with deadlines this time.  I have to get this project and one other done by December 1st.  Why December 1st? you ask.  Well since my future nephew is due right around  Christmas day, the family Christmas dinner has to be pushed forward and somehow we all decided to do it on December 1st.  ARGHH!  That is in less than two weeks.  And since we tend to open our presents just after Christmas dinner, that means I have less than two weeks to finish my projects.  And with my own personal tradition of having the Christmas tree up by December 1st, I will have a lot to do on just that one day.

Now some of you may think that opening Christmas presents on any day other then December 25th is wrong, but realistically, the oldest child is only 3 years old.  They aren’t going to know the difference and frankly, they won’t remember this.  It might be a little different when they start school and all their school friends are chirping away about Christmas day and all the presents they got, but until then, whether they open presents on the 5th or the 25th, will not make too much of a difference to them.  And really isn’t Christmas supposed to be all about being with family?  Grandma will be there with her kids and grandkids.  It’s true, there will be one aunty from Edmonton who will not be there, but there is always Facetime or Skype or a simple phone call just before or after dinner.

As for my projects, like I mentioned in a previous blog, since they will be gifts, I won’t be posting pics until after they are given away, or in the case of future nephew and his blue Baby Bear Hat that I had knitted, the post is now available for all to see, since my mom decided to show it to my sister when she came over to visit, while I was at work, without letting me know about it.  She UNWRAPPED the present to show my sister!  GRRRRR!  So much for the surprise.  Who knew I’d have to hide my gifts from not only the kids but the Grandma?  GRRRRR!  Well, at least I only have to hide it for two weeks.  And then my Christmas stress will be over, while everyone else’s is just beginning!  Now I need to warm up my tea again, and get back to work.


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