Time to keep Warm

It’s been a dreary weekend weather-wise.  Normally I would have the fireplace going but with babies around, the last thing I want or need is to have little hands burned and upset parents and grandparents.  So instead I’ll settle for a nice crocheted blanket from my mom!  Yes, it’s time to pull that out.  Normally it would stay on my bed but in times of a cold and wet weather crisis, it’s gotta come out.

The only perks this weekend were visits from Little Z.  These last few months Little Z has taken to visiting us on Saturdays in addition to her Monday and Tuesday visits.  However this long weekend, we were not expecting Little Z on the Monday since her dad had the day off.  But then just after noon, I received a phone call from Little Z’s mom explaining that Little Z wanted to visit.  Well who can say no to that?

So she came.  She walked over actually.  In the dreary drizzly weather.  She was wearing a toque and cowl that her grandmother had knitted for her and she was wearing a little goose down jacket also from her grandmother.  She was the cutest thing ever!  And funnily, she was dressed like her mother who was also in the same style goose down jacket, but a different colour.  And she managed to stay mostly warm except for her cute little chub chub cheeks, which were a nice bright red by the time she found me in the basement (finishing up some chores).  My helpful Little Z straight away said, “Aunty need help?”  And despite the basement being very cold, my heart warmed up just from a hug and a kiss and her offer to help


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