My Pride and Joy!

It’s done!  Finally.  After months of work, toiling away every night, it’s done.  I can’t remember when I started but I’ll never forget when I finished.  I had it in my bag every day, hoping that I would be able to sneek in some time, anywhere, any chance I could get to work on it.

I took it to Honolulu!.  I burned, despite slathered in sunscreen, and still I worked on it on the beach!

I endured weeks of shoulder pain, hunched over in bad sitting postures trying to get it done by a certain deadline.  My friend Jen was being relocated outside my office and unfortunately for me, Jen was my knitting guru.  I did not make the deadline.

I watched as my ball of yarn got smaller and smaller while I became more and more worried that I would not have enough yarn to finish.

But finally, my pride and joy, my Rock Island, was DONE!


Thanks to my sis for taking my pictures.  She captured the detail wonderfully.  And now on to my next project.  This one will be super quick.  But I can’t really say anything about it, since it’s a present for someone and I think she reads my little blog so I’ll post pics of this project after it’s been given away.

Stay tuned!  I’ll be back again soon with more projects.


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