Update: Purple Puzzle!

Well, I made it back into work today and one of the most important questions that I had to ask was about my purple puzzle.  Thankfully my friend Jennifer, who is a walking encyclopedia of all things everywhere, knew right away and she was able to tell me that my lovely flower was…a Japanese Anemone!  Yay!  However, Jen and my other friend, Tina also mentioned that they both have not had too much luck growing them.  But I will not be discouraged.  My next task is to find a place to buy it, at a reasonable price of course and then I’ll think about growing it and making it survive passed a month, then two months, etc.

One step at a time.  Admire it, Buy it, Figure out How to Grow it!  Until such time, I don’t mind just admiring it, even if it is in my neighbour’s garden.

Thanks Again Jen and Tina!


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