What a lovely weekend we had! The sun was out and I was hanging out with my sister and her babes, Little Z and baby brother Z. We went to this craft fair that my friend, Jennifer suggested, Got Craft on Commercial Drive. It was very neat. Little Z seemed to enjoy herself too…until a “well-meaning” lady decided to move Little Z’s hand away from some products. This little action sparked the longest and most tragic crying session ever. And it wasn’t even a tantrum. Clearly she was upset and then later it was revealed by her mom that she was a little bit hungry. But this would’ve been her first unwanted interaction with another adult who was not known to her. Poor Little Z. Come to think of it, that lady wasn’t even manning the booth. She was just passing by. Hrrumph! Well-meaning ladies should keep their grubby paws to themselves from now on. Especially at craft fairs.

Anyway, Got Craft. There was some pretty neat stuff there. All of us were drawn to the felt crafts table. Pohpoh splurged on a felt pumpkin and a hairpin for Little Z. And when the crafters saw how cute Little Z looked with the hairpin, they gave her another for free. Sweet! Oh and speaking of sweet, there was another table where these people made tiny polymer versions of food like cupcakes and again Pohpoh splurged on the Little Z. By the time we left the fair, Little Z was sporting pig tails and hairclips in her hair. Super cute!


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