Nap time!

I have just put my niece down for a nap. Or so I thought. I’ve been listening to her in the other room, trying to get some knitting done, and she has so far gone through at least two songs and now it sounds like she is rearranging the room from her crib. But wait a moment! It’s all quiet now. No, now she’s showing off her drumming skills or is that morse code. Maybe it was drumming because she is now singing again. Well at least she’s not crying.

So according to her parents, little Z has been very good about informing them when she has to go peepee (big girl potty training). Unfortunately she did not think it was necessary to tell Aunty and Pohpoh that she needed to go before snack time. Very deceiving! Aunty had no idea the deed was even done until I bent down to pick up a fallen cookie and there it was…the big puddle! Oh well. At least it was on tile and not on carpet. So now we are back to nap time. However little Z has other ideas and is entertaining herself in her crib now. Wait…quiet? Could it be? No it’s another song. Hold on…I think she’s napping! Shhhhhh!!


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