A little OCD goes great with Tea!

Greetings!  It’s been a while since I last put down some words.  Since my last posting, I have had a nice visit from my sister P from Edmonton, gone on a lovely little trip to Portland with my friend Irene, discovered Peet’s Coffee in Portland, returned from Portland to discover that my job is safe from government budget cuts, spent a day at Vancouver’s first Fan Expo and finished two knitting projects, a stuffed elephant and stuffed cat toy.

OH!!! What a Challenge!  And OH, so relaxing.  To know that I created these little things that brings joy to my favourite little kids, it so pleases me.  However I also see that my new favourite hobby has triggered the obsessive compulsive impulses within me.  It is hard to put down a project once it’s started.  So now I need to learn about balance.  I’ve been so focused on playing with the kids, knitting for the kids, helping out with the kids that I’ve put aside things like, working out, reading books and exercising my other creative habit, writing.  On the bright side of my little OCD episodes, I have given up Cafe World on Facebook, Facebook in general (for the most part), discovered Youtube (for knitting assistance, and The Piano Guys) and rediscovered having a nice cup of tea while I pursue my newest habit.  Chai Tea is the best, but Earl Grey can be just as good!  Now I must go.  I have a new project to complete!  And the teapot is whistling!


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