The Best Laid Plans

It’s a small world!  I always thought that was a cliche line.  But the other day when I went to meet my new family doctor, I reunited with a student that used to work with me almost 12 years ago who at that time was only just beginning her studies to get into medical school.  Wow!  It’s a small world.  That student is now a mom of two and my family doctor.

It’s strange how things turn out.  When I first met her, she was a carefree student, earning some money and experience over the summer.  She had plans to become a doctor and she did.  She fulfilled her plans, her dreams and is doing what she wanted to do but since meeting up with her again, I’ve been thinking about what has happened to me over these last 12 years and the first thing that pops into my head is, I can’t believe 12 years has passed and what have I got to show for it?  Well, I didn’t have plans to be a doctor but at one point in my early years I did think it would be fantastic to be an astronaut and then it was an engineer that builds space ships and then I veered away to thoughts of being a math teacher and then it was a food scientist that would create food for the astronauts to safely consume in space.  And through it all, real life intruded numerous times to help me adjust my plans till I met my young friend.  During those 12 years, real life intruded again and again and kept changing my plans.  Of course this time around I was much more resistant to these changes.  But such is life.  Change is not always welcome.  But to grow as a person, one has to adapt to change or get sick with resistance.

So I have never made it to the stars, however I have seen my fair share of stars at my workplace.  One star, I lost my cool and squealed like a little girl, Another star, I kept my cool but so wanted to squeal like a little girl.  I don’t teach math and I can’t even call myself a teacher but I do teach people about food and sometime during those last 12 years since our last meeting I became sick with resistance.  I certainly never pictured myself on this career path now.  But such is life and life does not just revolve around a job.  I now have three little ones (borrowed from my sisters) who I will learn from and they will change me some more and when they are older I will tell them that they can be an astronaut or a math teacher or anything else they want to do and I will teach them that change is healthy and that not everyone was meant to follow a plan.


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