Nine months from now…

Normally, I’d have no complaints about lying in a chair with my feet up for just over an hour however the scraping, and suction, the drooling and splashing and then the final, potential horror of discovering a cavity, or even worse, a new sensitive spot? No, not fun at all, but then again, when was the dentist ever fun?  Thankfully, there was no cavity, however there was another new sensitive spot and apparently I grind my teeth at night.  And according to my dentist, it’s a sign of stress and what’s even more unpleasant is that grinding my teeth can add to the increased sensitivity.  How stressful is that???  Ai Yah!

Good thing I know how to de-stress.  It’s called friends, family and hobbies.

After my hour long session at the dentist’s office, I spent the rest of the afternoon with my good friend Irene.  We grabbed some cheese and bread from Granville Island, went back to her place for a late lunch and hung out knitting and watching TV.  Well, I tried to knit.  TV distracts me and I lose track of what row I’m on and so I actually knit and un-knit while the TV is on.  But even so, with a nice warm cup of tea in front of me, I knew my project would be finished eventually and I would have a nice looking elephant stuffie for my favourite nephew.

As long as I have my good friends, my favourite nieces and nephew and my knitting, nine months from now, when I endure another hour long session in that chair, all will end well like it did today.


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