Pleasant Perks to Stretching

Other than the fact that stretching after a workout will reduce the aches that you’ll feel in your body, it is also a great way to play with your niece!

I love my niece and my nephew and my other niece and I always look forward to the end of my day when I can go home and have some play time with them.  So of course after my super fantastic fun workout on the dreaded machine that loves to warn me about my heart that might explode at any moment in time, I just had to rush home to play.  This means I didn’t stretch before leaving the gym.  For me, that is a sure fire way for me to wake up the next day feeling old and creaky.  So my sister, the ever-wise mum to my little niece tells me to do some stretches in their living room.  After watching little Z do one of my favourite yoga positions – Child’s pose, I decide sure, why not.  Even a small stretch is better than no stretch.

But young Z had better ideas.  Aunty was being silly and Aunty’s child pose was just a game for the little one.  Aunty had just created a new peek-a-boo game for her favourite Z.

And that’s well worth waking up the next day all creaky!


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