Watch Out for the Machine!

I could smell the rain before it even started this morning. It was really nice, the slightly cool, not cold morning was damp and well, kind of looking like the misty picture on my page. I liked it. Yes, I know it was a beautiful day yesterday with the sun out but it was just as nice a day for a Monday at least. So I only had to hide away from my friend three times today. Too many rhetorical questions! Thank goodness for the end of the day!!

AHHHH! The end of the day. I went to the gym. I was so pleased! Actually I’m pleased every time I go to the gym. It is very good work therapy and there really is such a thing as runner’s high. Granted I only ran a total of 5 minutes in a span 60 minutes, but that’s one more minute than last week. And granted, it was a 10 minute walking start and then an alternating 1 minute run and then two minute walk. But still, it accumulates! Now if only the machine could be more encouraging. ‘Cause really, when the machine starts to blink a box outlined in red and the sentence says “Attention, your heart rate is too high!” Who in their right mind would want to continue with the workout? Basically it’s warning you to stop before your heart explodes! Do something else!! Of course, I might have already been out of my mind, because it said that last week and I ignored it. AND I ignored it again this time. AND I think I’ll ignore it again next time.

I wonder what the machine will say tomorrow?


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