Today is a favourite!

My workdays generally have a plan.  On Fridays it goes like this:  Get to work on time, or as close to as possible;  Remember to walk away when you just can’t deal with the noise;  Enjoy the day as best as you can;  Leave work on time; and Go to the Gym.

For the most part, it’s a do-able plan.  But when the sunshine comes out, one can easily be distracted into thinking: It’s Friday, It’s sunny out, and who wants to go to the Gym when you can have a visit with your one and only favourite nephew.

However Sunshine can be extra distracting and one will forget that your nephew is only 9 months old and will be napping when you arrive to play.  Sunshine will also trick you into thinking that it will be warm as well as sunny.  Eight degrees is not warm.  Could’ve warmed up at the gym before stepping outside.

So I did not go to the gym.  I didn’t get to play with my nephew after work.  I did however, get a nice nap and was woken up by a super smiley niece who was very happy to see her Aunty, a niece who decided to grab her little blanket and climb up onto the couch to join her Aunty in a “nap” at her end of the couch

All in all, a very good plan and a favourite day!


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